Michael A. Moses is certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a specialist in Labor and Employment Law, protecting the rights of employees who have been terminated or harassed. He represents employees in the public and private sector throughout Ohio. He began his legal career as an Assistant Attorney General and served as General Counsel for the Ohio State Employment Relations Board before establishing his private practice in employment law in 1990.


If you have been denied overtime payments, you may be entitled to money for your extra time worked and additional damages.


If you believe that you have been subjected to discrimination or a hostile work environment on account of your sex (including sexual harassment), race, age, disability or national origin, then you may be entitled to an award of compensatory and punitive damages.


If you believe that you are being retaliated against for complaining of discrimination, sexual harassment or a violation of the law, you may be entitled to reinstatement, back pay and punitive damages.


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